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Where we showcase pioneering space technologies. From Electric Thrusters to Plasma Jets, we are at the forefront of redefining space exploration.

Electric Thruster

Are you ready to take your space missions to the next level?
Groundbreaking solution to propel your satellites and unlock new possibilities in space exploration. Designed explicitly for small-sized satellites like CubeSats, our thruster offers exceptional performance and unprecedented efficiency.
Electric Thruster

Plasma-Activated Water Unit

Unlock the potential of your crops!
Innovative technology revolutionizes the food industry by purifying and converting water into a powerful formula, accelerating plant growth, improving seed germination, and enhancing crop health.
Green crops

Plasma Jet

Dive into the future of the seafood industry with our technology!
Innovative technology to transform the fishing industry. Utilizing plasma energy, it safely disinfects seafood, enhancing product quality, safety, and longevity.

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René and Marco at the contract signing with ESA BIC Northern Germany in Bremen.


Plasma: How Blue Orbit Space Systems Is Improving Satellite Operations

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