Plasma-Activated Water Unit

Unlock the potential of your crops!

Discover our groundbreaking solution for sustainable agriculture. This technology revolutionizes water disinfection, purification, and enhancement in the food industry. Our Plasma-Activated Water Unit harnesses plasma activation's power to provide a comprehensive solution. It not only disinfects and purifies water used in food production but also transforms it into a potent formula, promoting plant growth, seed germination, and crop health.
Green crops

Key features

Disinfection and Purification

Our plasma technology ensures reliable water disinfection, eliminating pathogens and microorganisms, enhancing food safety. It also purifies water from impurities, ensuring quality for irrigation and plant nutrition.

Plant Growth Stimulation

Harnessing plasma activation, our unit transforms water into a potent formula, accelerating plant growth, improving seed germination, and enhancing crop health. This leads to robust plants, higher yields, and top-quality crops.


Our chemical-free system promotes environmental friendliness, contributing to sustainable food production processes.

Easy Integration

The Plasma-Activated Water Unit seamlessly integrates into existing production lines, adapting to your company's requirements. Our expert team offers full support for successful implementation.

Control and Monitoring

Our system features advanced control and monitoring functions, ensuring water quality.

Economic Benefits

By enhancing plant growth and reducing reliance on chemical products, our solution optimizes production expenses and boosts business profitability. Improved crop health minimizes losses while maximizing yields.

Technology suited for

Agricultural industry Pictogram

Agricultural industry

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