Electric Thruster

Are you ready to take your space missions to the next level?

Introducing the Electric Thruster by Blue Orbit Space Systems a groundbreaking solution designed for small satellites. Elevate your space missions with exceptional performance and efficiency.
Electric Thruster

Key features

Innovative Technology

At Blue Orbit, we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries. Our expert team merges plasma physics, nanotechnology, and physical chemistry to redefine space possibilities with our Electric Thrusters, delivering highly efficient ion beams for precise satellite propulsion.

Efficiency and Savings

Optimize resources and cut costs with our Electric Thrusters. Achieve exceptional performance, significant weight and launch cost savings without compromising quality.


We prioritize sustainability. Our Electric Thruster uses eco-friendly propellants, ensuring environmental responsibility and a cleaner, brighter future for space.


Count on us for reliability. Our Electric Thruster undergoes rigorous testing and is backed by our skilled team.

Precise Control

Gain unprecedented control with our Electric Thrusters. From millimeter adjustments to complex maneuvers, steer your mission to success. It's time to take control in space!

Technology suited for

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Space Industry

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