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We are a dynamic team of explorers, harnessing the infinite possibilities that space offers. Our relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to unlock the secrets of the universe and transform theoretical concepts into tangible realities.

René Cartaya

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Welcome to Blue Orbit Space Systems! I'm René Cartaya, CEO of our Germany-based startup. We're revolutionizing space propulsion with innovative ion thruster technology. Our mission is to develop advanced orbital control systems, with a focus on ion thrusters for CubeSats. With expertise in plasma physics, software, and hardware development, we're pushing the boundaries of aerospace projects. Join us in shaping the future of space exploration and making a meaningful impact in propulsion.
Rene Cartaya

Ahymerd Riveras

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I'm a dedicated professional fully committed to my work and objectives. I'm passionate about delivering innovative solutions to streamline people's lives and enhance business processes. I possess exceptional presentation and interpersonal skills. I'm eager to learn and bring a solid theoretical understanding and practical experience from my previous work. I have a strong inclination toward embracing new leadership approaches and thrive in multicultural teams and diverse situations.
Rene Cartaya

Marco Cen

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Marco Cen, M.S., boasts a robust academic foundation in Mechatronics Engineering and Polymer Materials Science. He has cultivated extensive expertise in electronics, control systems, composite materials, and nanomaterials. Marco's commitment to research and proficiency in characterizing polymer composites shine through in numerous articles published in prestigious scientific journals. His mastery of microcontroller programming, electronic circuit design, and finite element modeling has solidified his standing in the aerospace industry. Marco's fervor for instrumentation, digital electronics, and robotics continues to enhance his valuable contributions to the field.
Rene Cartaya

Félix Konefka

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M.S. Felix Konefka holds an outstanding Master's degree in plasma physics and high temperature, affording him an in-depth grasp of plasma technology's core principles as applied to space propulsion. During his tenure at Civan Advanced Technologies, he played a pivotal role in developing, assembling, and testing optical systems spanning diverse sectors. His precision work and extensive CNC equipment expertise stand as a testament to his technical prowess, making a meaningful impact on electric propulsion advancements within the aerospace industry. With his robust academic foundation and unwavering dedication to scientific research, Felix has evolved into a valuable asset, instrumental in implementing plasma technologies for space propulsion in our company.
Rene Cartaya

Abraham Vivas Borda

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Abraham Vivas Borda, Ph.D., stands as a renewable energy luminary, boasting a robust foundation in computational fluid dynamics and turbomachinery design. With a discerning analytical mindset and mastery of simulation tools such as ANSYS Fluent and CFX, he has left an indelible mark on energy conversion endeavors by spearheading ingenious solutions. Abraham's digital prowess extends to MATLAB, Python, and CAD software, while his proactive and creative approach has ushered in notable advancements in ORC turbine simulations. With a fervor for teaching and research in renewable energies and fluid dynamics, Abraham is a dedicated and invaluable professional within the field.
Rene Cartaya

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