Igniting a Brighter Future with Plasma

Blue Orbit’s mission is to revolutionise the space industry by leveraging cutting-edge plasma technology to extend satellite lifespan, enhance performance, and drive innovation.

Our products

Welcome to Blue Orbit, where innovation knows no bounds. Our cutting-edge technologies redefine possibilities in space exploration. From Electric Thrusters propelling satellites with precision, to Plasma Jets advancing seafood safety, we're pioneers in transforming industries. Sustainability is our priority, and reliability our guarantee. Join us on a journey to the future, where limitless innovation and responsible solutions shape a cleaner, brighter world.

The Blue Orbit promise

Passion driven

At Blue Orbit, we push boundaries in space exploration and plasma tech. Our dedication drives disruptive solutions for space propulsion and plasma tech challenges.


Expertise from diverse disciplines powers our comprehensive solutions. By combining physics, engineering, and chemistry, we tackle complex problems with an innovative, interdisciplinary approach.

Global collaboration

Collaboration and diverse perspectives drive us. Our global team unites experts worldwide, leveraging unique insights. Together, we tackle challenges, fueling excellence in our work.

Customer centric

We understand and address your unique needs. Collaborating closely, we provide customized solutions, ensuring exceptional results and trusted, long-term relationships.

By our side from the beginning

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A team out of space

At Blue Orbit, our dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and experts combines cutting-edge technologies with unwavering passion. With expertise spanning plasma physics, nanotechnology, and physical chemistry, we're leaders in redefining the frontiers of space exploration and sustainable solutions. Our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability drives us every day. Together, we're shaping a future where limitless possibilities and responsible practices coexist. Join us on this exciting journey at Blue Orbit.
Satellite with plasma thruster
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